Society as we lived it and transition to tomorow.

If we take a closer look at society how it works nowadays than we should define it with another word then “work”. The old ways have changed into something unsustainable for future life unless we are the ones taking matter in our own hands and start digging. So there will always be things that we want different from the state we’re at and we all know to good that leaving our comfort zone could make things why not give it a try!

Social cohesion needs to be restored and there are plenty of ways to do it.
Ours is digging gardens and harvesting the surplus by adapting our gardens to local possibilities and needs.

The Goal:

What we’re currently working on:


Ecohabitat and Fence 0.1

So this year (2016) we started with building a beginning of our Permaculture gardens, the first Raised-bed and the first Hugelbeet.
It is still a steep learning curve since we are both from the city, Iwona has an advantage due to her Polish childhood and learning early to work with soil.

Fence 0.1 fence01raisedbed01raisedbed02beginning
First we made a “Hugelbeet” and planted our first 20 berry species …only to find out that the local deer population liked our gardens even more than we did. So we planned on building a fence.
A huge storm hit the region and 4 big trees blocked our driveway to our plot in the Forrest.
So we started building a Fence with the trees we harvested earlier to keep the deer out, lets call it fence 0.1…the deer liked our fence!..but didn’t really seem to mind that it’s there.
Fence 0.2 was born. And the deer didn’t mind that one either…it took us till fence 0.5 to get a decent response from the local deer that we wanted; “Keep out”.
At that time our berries where in poor shape…so no berry harvest this year!


It took us about 10 weeks to find the owners off the 4 fallen trees and for them to clear the driveway.
Since then we where able to move and install our wastewater container. Since we are in a Water-extraction area, we are not allowed to have a Biological water treatment plant or we would need a permanent satellite surveillance contract to check our water quality 24/7.

Since the road was passable again we ordered some more wood for the fence, a tree house, a bee house and a raised bed for next year “annuals”…plants who only live 1 season.

The Goal….3 Houses on a Hectare!

We want to build 3 Earthship-like houses on 10K m2 to live in and with nature. Using local resources as much as possible, straw-bale or hempcrete and cob walls. Rocketmass heaters but also Dubbelglazing-windows wich are more resources intensive. But we don’t want to re-invent the wheel!
Where everybody of all ages and willing to cooperate can have a spot…it can be done all by yourself at the cost off very little spare time!


A small settlement of 3 houses.
The biggest of the three houses for the farmer and his family, where most of the daytime activities will take place.
A small house specially adapted to accommodate elderly people or with some kind of handicap.
The third house is for visitors, helpers and everybody passing by.

If possible another Cluster right next door…and then another, and so on!