The Goal….3 Houses on a Hectare!

We want to build 3 Earthship-like houses on 10K m2 to live in and with nature. Using local resources as much as possible, straw-bale or hempcrete and cob walls. Rocketmass heaters but also Dubbelglazing-windows wich are more resources intensive. But we don’t want to re-invent the wheel!
Where everybody of all ages and willing to cooperate can have a spot…it can be done all by yourself at the cost off very little spare time!


A small settlement of 3 houses.
The biggest of the three houses for the farmer and his family, where most of the daytime activities will take place.
A small house specially adapted to accommodate elderly people or with some kind of handicap.
The third house is for visitors, helpers and everybody passing by.

If possible another Cluster right next door…and then another, and so on!

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