We are…

Wolfgang Schliessner, Born 1972 Siegburg (Ger).
I got in contact with Permaculture in 1992 by making mulch gardens with Gaby Fries in the German Eifel. Since then adapting our surroundings to our needs.
In 2002 I met Iwona Swieszek as the Au Pair of my sister’s kids…I went back to school and started Wulfey Media in 2008.

Iwona Swieszek, Born 1979 Nyssa (Pol).
The greenest member of our family and driving force behind our gardens. Her green insights and experience have helped many gardeners to have more fun in their garden and build more sustainable ecosystems. Working in the garden is for her like one big meditation, losing track off time and space, being there completely.

Xander Schliessner, Born 2010 Maastricht (NL).
Sometime he is more a Hulk-Spidermann, sometime Luke Skywalker but all of the time he is like a princess in his own fairytale